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The FDA denies claims of a causal link between the BP oil spill and the discovery of eyeless shrimp

January 25, 2012

With just over a year passing since the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the FDA releases a statement suggesting that the seafood from this area is just as safe to consume now as it was prior to the spill. However, despite the FDA’s assurance that the toxicity levels are low, the Gulf fisheries are expressing concerns regarding the discovery of eyeless shrimp.

For one thing, shrimp populations have plunged. The New York Times reported last month that Gulf fisherperople were complaining of the worst white-shrimp season in 50 years, with yields 80 percent lower than normal.

Several fisherman and processors make similar complaints…, and admit that they feel less safe eating shrimp now than they did before the spill. One makes an even more startling claim, “fisherman are bringing in shrimp without any eyes … they evidently have lost their eyes and they’re still alive.”

Read more at Mother Jones.

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