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Israel has killed 23 in Gaza, most of them civilians –Mondoweiss

March 21, 2012

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have continued into their fourth day, and reports from sources on the ground say that todays bombings have killed three civilians.The Palestinian Center for Human Rights PCHR, which holds consultative status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC of the United Nations, has been producing detailed dispatches on the Israeli airstrikes toll. Its latest dispatch reports:

Today, 3 Palestinian civilians a child and an old man and his daughter have been killed and 36 others, including 19 children and 7 women, have been wounded. Two members of resistance have been killed, and two others have been also wounded by a series of Israeli air strikes. Thus, the number of Palestinians killed since the beginning of this offensive has risen to 23 and the number of those wounded has risen to 73, most of them civilians.

The current fighting was sparked by Israels assassination of a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees. This round of attacks is even deadlier than what occurred in August 2011, when Israel falsely blamed a murderous attack in Eilat on Gazans, then killed five PRC members, igniting another flare-up in which at least eight Palestinian civilians died, according to Human Rights Watch.And even though the Israeli military itself has acknowledged that what happened in Eilat was carried out by Egyptians, it has reverted to lying about who perpetrated the attack to justify this latest assault on Gaza.

via Israel has killed 23 in Gaza, most of them civilians –PCHR.

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