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Putting a Stop to the Religions-Right’s Grip on America! | Gather

March 26, 2012

At least 30,000 atheists attended the Reason Rally this weekend in Washington, D.C., proving that the number of free thinkers in the United States is growing impressively. The event has been deemed the “atheist Woodstock,” and was indeed the largest gathering of nonbelievers in history.

David Silverman, the head organizer of the event, said:

“In years to come, the Reason Rally will be seen as the beginning of the end to the religious right’s grip” in the United States.

Hopefully he’s right, and it’s not a moment too soon while the far-right are attacking the freedoms of others based on religious morals and ideology. Most recently, the focus on forcing Christianity down the throats of citizens comes with the fight against women and their rights to contraceptives and insurance coverage pertaining to their women’s health needs.

The Reason Rally also attracted high-profile individuals such as Jessica Ahlquist, who fought her Rhode Island high school regarding a school prayer and won in court. Many secular Americans attended even in the rainy, dreary weather. Hopefully, the number of atheists increases and more people realize that it’s okay to not believe in deities!

via At Least 30,000 Atheists Show Up at Reason… | Gather.

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